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At the very heart of QNET is the philosophy of RYTHM, meaning Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. This grounding concept is embodied in the RYTHM Foundation and its Malaysian chapter, the Vijayaratnam Foundation. These Foundations are independent charities established by the QI Group of Companies providing a home for the Group’s philanthropic work all around the world.

Both Foundations serve local communities and international bodies to establish and carry-out vital community programmes, while also partnering with other non-governmental organisations and charity organisations in cooperative charity activities. Some projects include:

  • Vijayaratnam Foundation’s specialised Taraana school for Malaysian children with learning disabilities
  • RYTHM Foundation’s Taguig Project in the Philippines, which feeds, clothes and schools hundreds of squatter children
  • The on-going ‘Footprints’ child mentoring programme by Vijayaratnam Foundation, which partners underprivileged kids with business people in the community
  • Educational programmes for women and orphans with the Better Nepal Foundation
  • The Murid 1 Pokok (1 Pupil 1 Tree) school environmental initiative by Malaysian Government
  • India’s Akshaya Home for the destitute and homeless of the poor Madurai District
  • Emergency assistance during some of the world’s worst natural disasters, including the 2004 Asian Tsunami



QNET has always been about sharing success, but this extends far beyond business success. QNET Pays Forward activities, administrated by the RYTHM Foundation, provide needed resources and skills to victims of poverty, disaster and inequality. QNET Pays Forward is our way of 'paying it forward' and 'giving back' to the communities in which QNET operates.

QNET distributors and customers make a difference just by shopping! Through the I'm MAD (Making A Difference) campaign, QNET donates a percentage of the sale of every single QNET product to the RYTHM Foundation. This helps fund sustainable programmes and charitable initiatives undertaken through QNET Pays Forward activities.

Recent QNET Pays Forward Initiatives & Partnerships

  • World Vision International (WVI), helping 121 children across 11 countries over a two-year sponsorship programme, in the largest corporate charity initiative in WVI's history
  • The United Nations World Food Programme
  • Charity Walk in benefit of the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) in Tanzania
  • The Rainbow Project, a non-profit organisation that works with autistic children in Hong Kong
  • The Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, a hospital for children with cancer in Egypt and Africa, that provides free cancer treatment and medical support
  • Regional Special Boarding School for Hearing Impaired Children in Taldykorgan, in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan
  • Disaster relief for Typhoon Ondoy (Philippines), Padang Earthquake (Indonesia), Monsoon Flooding (Pakistan), Tsunami (South-East Asia)
  • The Home for the Blind with Multiple Disabilities under the royal patronage of His Majesty the King of Thailand