"I started this wonderful journey in 2009. The Amezcua Chi Pendant was my first purchase. The way the Chi Pendant works is absolutely amazing, particularly in today’s hectic lifestyle where we are exposed to all kinds of pollution. However, after wearing the Chi Pendant over a month, my immune system is stronger and enhanced. I become more energised.  I later purchased the Amezcua Bio Disc for my family and they really love it. The breakthrough technology of the Amezcua wellness products are proven to bring a positive effect on its user’s health and well-being. It is something that can be explained scientifically; however, you should experience its tremendous benefits by yourself and share your testimonial with your family and friends. I recommend you to regularly check your Virtual Office so that you can get updates on the special promotion of QNet products. Don’t miss your chance to grab one for yourself.”  - Dhanesh Gopalakrishnan, India 

 “The Amezcua Bio Disc is my favourite product. It is a  the best-selling product." - Nur Aisyah Said Ali, Malaysia 
“I have been using the Amezcua Bio Disc for almost three months now. To be honest, I initially purchased it for business’ purpose – not for personal use. However, after my Upline informed me how good the product was and how it could bring a difference to my health and well-being, I simply trusted him and started using it – always drinking only water treated with the Bio Disc and carrying it with me wherever I go. Most significantly, it helps improve my energy levels!”- Jay Krishnan R, India 
 “I was introduced to this unbelievable business opportunity by one of my cousins. After listening to its concept, I promptly signed up in two minutes. My first purchase was the Amezcua Bio Disc. After using it for a few days, I noticed a greater improvement in my health. It can truly make a difference in your life and this can be sensed by those who have experienced the product itself. By drinking water treated with the Bio Disc, I feel invigorated and energised.”- Kshitij Hardas, India 

 "I joined QNet since 23 November 2009 with the purchase of Bio Disc and Chi Pendant. Since then my whole family have been drinking water treated by Bio Disc.  My family really enjoyed the benefits, especially my wife, Ida Ayu Putri.  What is more amazing is when I run business consistently, my network growing rapidly and in 2010 I got 5 shares in the Top Performers Bonus Pool this year.  Thank you Bio Disc, thank you QNet, for providing solutions to my well being and financial challenges, and… I will keep pursuing my business with QNet.  My success will be achieved." - Ketut Rupiarta, Indonesia

  “My favourite QuestNet™ products are the Amezcua products. I was introduced to Amezcua four months ago. My entire family uses Amezcua products because we have witnessed its fantastic results. I recommended it to my relatives and friends.” - Maheshkumar Narhare, India 









Lifestyle Set

Bio Disc

Pewter Bio Disc

Chi Pendant

Energy Shell

Straw Tube

Institute of Electrophotonic


Positive Influence Over Human Body and Water


Centre for Biofield Sciences


Positive Effect Over Human Body        
Balances Chakras and Energy Centres in Human Body          
Dr med. Michael Kucera Czech Republic Increased Energy and Harmony Levels in Human Body        
Decreased Stress Levels in Human Body          

PROGNOS, MedPrevent GmbH & Co


Positive Energy Fields



Dr. med. Manfred Doepp


Energy Levels in Water and Human Body




Protection Against Electro-Smog







Positive Effect on Food          

PSB Laboratory


Water Surface Tension Value




I.H.M. Institute


Energy Levels in Water and Water Quality









Manufacturing Quality






  • Institute of Electrophotonic, Germany

The Institute of Electrophotonic is engaged in the activity and the further development of the measuring method of Electro Photonic Captor (EPC) / Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). Wadim Säidow, Head of the Institute, physicist and basic researcher, collaborates with the Technical University Berlin, the Charité Berlin, the REHA Clinique Berlin, the European University Potsdam, the Institute of Chemistry of the University Ljubljana, the Technical University St. Petersburg, the Lomonosov University Moscow, and other institutions.


Positive Influence Over Human Body and Water

Tests run by the EPC (GDV) camera and the EPC (GDV) – Fifth Element included placebo comparisons to take measurements of water and the human body state. Tests for both products were affirmative to positive energy influences on the human body and water. 

  • Centre for Biofield Sciences, India

The Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS) promotes a sustainable preventative healthcare model, where naturopathic information medicine is selected as a preferred approach to health care. The Centre focusses on bio-energetic research and its scientists and doctors research and train in technologies and techniques designed to rebalance the disharmony that can lead to disease in the physical and mental bodies. The Centre utilises modern holistic technologies, such as Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), the Electro-scanning method (ESM), and Bio-energetic stress testing (BEST), GDV (Gas Discharge visualization), RFI (Resonant Field Iamaging); all enabling the integrated therapist to find the root cause of disease and therefore the most precise route to health.


Positive Effect Over Human Body; Balances Chakras and Energy Centres in Human Body

Tests were carried out to determine the effect of the Amezcua Bio Disc and Amezcua Chi Pendant over the human body, and the efficacy of the products in balancing energy centres. The tests were double-blind, and placebo control groups were utilised. The tests revealed that both products are very effective methods of energising and balancing the human bio field, decreasing energy imbalances, and redistributing pooled energy.

It was also noted that during experiments with the Amezcua Chi Pendant, the changes witnessed were particularly fast and positive. Further, test results of the Amezcua Bio Disc indicated that the product has a “profound positive effect on individuals at energy level”.

  • Dr med. Michael Kucera, Czech Republic

Dr Kucera is an internationally active medical doctor from the Czech Republic who is responsible for introducing the potential of Mitochondrial Medicine as a basic therapeutic tool. Dr Kucera monitors the efficacy of the therapy by heart frequency variability measurement. Dr Kucera was awarded the International Mitochondrial Medicine Association (IMMA) Prize in 2000.


Increased Energy and Harmony Levels in Human Body; Decreased Stress Levels in Human Body

A preliminary observational study indicated that when wearing the Amezcua Chi Pendant or drinking water treated with the Amezcua Bio Disc, users experienced reduced sympathetic activity of the nervous system, thereby reducing tension, increasing reserves of stress adaptation capabilities, increasing parasympathetic activity, and increasing energetic reserves. The test also showed a harmonising effect in cooperative relation between sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system; this improves regulatory and adaptation mechanisms. Dr Kucera also showed that after one week of not using the Amezcua Bio Disc or the Amezcua Chi Pendant, the benefits to the users’ cardiovascular function, regulatory systems and stress levels fell back to near default values.

Individuals involved in the tests manifested reduced symptoms, including better sleep, reduced tension, improved psycho-emotional disorders, and increased energy activities.

  • PROGNOS, Germany

PROGNOS is a diagnostic and therapy system based on traditional medicine that uses a painless method to create a picture of the energetic state of the body. This is measured through the subject’s meridian system, which is the energy course of the human body. PROGNOS and its manufacturer, MedPrevent, have been accredited with EC and ISO certifications by the EUROCAT Institute for Certification and Testing.


Positive Energy Fields

PROGNOS machine tests show that the Amezcua Bio Disc, Amezcua Pewter Bio Disc, Amezcua Chi Pendant, Amezcua Energy Shell, and Amezcua Straw Tube all possess a positive energy field. Test results also showed that after drinking water treated with these products or when wearing the Amezcua Chi Pendant, the user’s energy levels were increased and the disharmony of their meridian system was thereby reduced.


Example of the Amezcua Bio Disc PROGNOS test results:

The user’s energy levels were increased and the disharmony of their meridian system was thereby reduced from 48% to 34%.

Before After

  • Dr med. Manfred Doepp, Germany

Dr med. Manfred Doepp is a member of the Board of the German Society for Energy and Information Medicine e.V., Stuttgart. He is also a reviewer of the International Society on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, as well as the International Society on Computer, Communication and Control Technologies.


Positive Energy Fields

The effects of the Amezcua Bio Disc, the Amezcua Chi Pendant, and the Amezcua Energy Shell on the quality of water and the bioenergetic state of the human body were tested by Dr med. Manfred Doepp at the Holistic Center in Germany, using meridian diagnostics. The test results show that the Amezcua Bio Disc, Amezcua Chi Pendant, and the Amezcua Energy Shell have a successful operational area in the energetic-informational treatment of liquids and water containing nutrients.

The results show that these products have a positive effect on water. Water treated with the Amezcua Bio Disc and the Amezcua Energy Shell has an increased level of energy and harmony. Test results also reveal that when the Amezcua Bio Disc and the Amezcua Chi Pendant are held, the holder’s energy and harmony levels show a significant increase.


Protection Against Electro-Smog

Electro-smog is the result of electromagnetic fields created by electronic equipment in our environment such as mobile phones, computers, lightings, air-conditioners and other electrical appliances. The meridian diagnostics test shows that the Amezcua Chi Pendant is able to neutralise the negative effects of electro-smog, as well as improve and harmonise the energy levels of the user.

  • PSB Laboratory, Singapore

PSB test reports are widely recognised by manufacturers, third-party buyers, and government authorities in Singapore. Its laboratories are also accredited under the Singapore Accreditation Council – Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SINGLAS) to ISO 17025.


Water Surface Tension Value

Results show that after treatment by the Amezcua Bio Disc, Amezcua Pewter Bio Disc, Amezcua Energy Shell, and Amezcua Straw Tube, the surface tension value of the treated water has come close to that of pure water. The change in surface tension value renders the water more bioavailable, thus improving the compatibility of water molecules with the body’s cells. It also means that treated water carries detergent thoroughly into materials, again due to its surface tension value being close to that of pure water. This means a more efficient and effective washing of your laundry or dishes, allowing you to reduce the amount of detergent used. With less detergent used, wastewater discharged from the washing machine is more environmentally friendly.

  • I.H.M. Institute, Japan

The I.H.M. Institute in Japan was founded by Dr Masaru Emoto, a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Dr Emoto achieved international acclaim through his extensive research of water around the world. He is also the President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation.


Energy Levels in Water and Water Quality

Research has revealed a correlation between the formation of water crystals and the quality of water, in terms of the degree of pollution. In recent I.H.M. Institute research, it became clear that energy could affect the formation of water crystals. Thus, the water crystal formation reflects not only physical but also informational or energetic aspects of water. Water samples with a good balance of minerals and energy tend to produce beautifully formed crystals.

A water crystal experiment conducted at the Institute showed water treated with the Amezcua Bio Disc produces beautiful and good water crystals, compared to normal distilled water. The treated water was found to have less 'depressed' water crystals.

No Bio Disc
Water not treated with the Amezcua Bio Disc*

Emoto with Bio Disc
Water treated with the Amezcua Bio Disc*

*Authorisation Number 080320702. Copyright © 2008 by Office Masaru Emoto, LLC.

  • SCHOTT AG, Germany

SCHOTT AG has achieved the EN ISO 9001:2000 standards for its quality management system.


Manufacturing Quality

The Amezcua Bio Disc and the Amezcua Chi Pendant glasses are manufactured in the SCHOTT AG facility in Germany.


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